Tuesday, December 2, 2008

40W Electronics Ballast

Here is the very popular electronics ballast.


5W SMPS using descrete components


10W SMPS using descrete components
Voltage feedback and current limit is provided
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50W SMPS using Fly Back Topology

50W SMPS using UC3842


300W SMPS using TL494
The given circuit is based on popular PWM control circuit TL494. The beauty of the circuit lies in the free self start like using self oscillation and secondly the prepotional base drive to transistors. Magnetic amplifier is used in one out put for cross regulation.

Variable Frequency Three Phase Sine Wave Generator

This is a simple three phase sine wave generator circuit using switched capacitor filter. The input to switched capacitor filter is three phase square wave which is generated using flip flop logic driven by a ring counter. The input of ring counter is given by a PLL which is used for frequency and phase Synchrnisation. There is a feed back for controlling output ampliude by controlling square wave amplitude to switched capacitor filter.

Phase Shifted ZVS SMPS Descrete Circuit

This is a classic implimentation of phase shifted zero voltage switching smps usind descrete ICs.
Controll circuits implemented here is same as popular IC UC3875. Feed back is provided for both current and voltage for constant current current constant voltage application. Isolated outputs are provided using pulse transformer for driving MOSFET or IGBT. Fault current trip is also provided for protection appart from constant current limitting

Saturday, November 29, 2008

High Frequency Isolated Inverter

Here provided circuit and PCB details of High Frequency Isolated 50HZ Inverter. It uses ferrite core transformer for voltage boost and isolation. Battery voltage is boosted using high frequency ferrite core transformer driven by MOSFET pushpull stage. The out put of ferrite core transformer is rectified to produce 300V DC. This voltage is converted to ac 230V using out put full bridge MOSFET.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Unified Power Quality Controller

Unified Power Quality Controller
Unified Power Quality Controller is the final answer for your power quality problems. It will provides voltage stabilization and harmonic correction for voltage wave form and corrects power factor to unity including non linear current waveforms. Basicaly it uses two PWM four quadrant inverters for power quality corrections. One delta inverter of small capacity in series for voltage regulation and voltage waveform harmonic correction and one full rated inverter connected in parallel for power factor correction and current harmonic correction for non linear loads. Both inverters are connected to a common DC link voltage.
The proposed topology is tested using pspice and found satisfactory. Hardware implimation is going on. I will publish hardware details soon.

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light Circuit
This is a circuit of solar street light which will power 11W CFL. The circuit uses series switch charge controller for battery charging. Current fed parrallel resonant push pull inverter is used as inverter for CFL. Relay is used for preheated start up of lamp to increase lamp life. Battery deep discharge protection is provided for protecting battery.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Off grid Solar Inverter with Charge controller

Sun the source of our energy.

Thanks for solar photovoltaics - We fight all the possible ways against global warming.
This is a series of solar projects first solar charge controller followed by inverter, solar lantern, solar street light, solar domestic light and many more
Solar Charge Controller
This is a shunt solar charge controller. Unlike other solar charge controllers this charge controller put battery in float when it is fully charged which will give more back up time and increase battery life
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