Monday, November 2, 2009

DC AC CFL Inverter Schematics

Battery powdred CFL Inverters are widly used in solar lighting emergency lighting and automobile lighting. The schematics we are working out is a popular DC AC inverter widly used in general battery powdered applications as well as used in Electronics Ballast where Line Voltage is Less(110V AC as in US). This basicaly push pull current fed parallel resonant self oscilating inverter. The inductor L1,L2 and reflected impedance of C1 forms LC tank circuit.
L4 will source current while giving maximum impedance to higher harmonics. R2, L5, L6 provides base drive. You can note primary rms voltage is 1.1 times of battery voltage because L4 act as boost inductor. Both switches are working in ZVS. Out put is pure sine wave. Load power dissipation is 9W. But Tank circulating power is arround 80W.

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